What are high speed pumps?

The pumping application uses a different kind of pumps. Different kind of pump system such as pumps with non metallic wear parts, low-speed pumps, centrifugal pumps, high speed pumps etc is available. For any layman, these pumping nomenclature seems like an alien language. All they can understand from high speed pumps in India is that the pumps pass the liquid at high speed. But what exactly are these pumps? What are their benefits and why are they used? We have tried to simplify the complex pumping terms and explain what these high speed pumps are.
High speed pumps in India are a revolutionary pumping application. These pumps, made from non metallic wear parts improves the pumping performance and provides mechanical advantages to that of normal pumps.  Usually, normal pumps run around 3600 rpm. Much pumping application requires speed higher than that, but because of pump reliability, maintenance, and high cost, commonly used pumps stick to the limit of 3600 rpm. High speed pumps in India addressed all these problems, thus these pumps are widely used in many pumping applications. They are low-cost pumps and their unconventional design enables the pumps to perform better with low maintenance.
One importance of high speed pump is their super efficiency. They also have easy maintainability. The non metallic wear parts make pumps easy to be disassembled and reassembled without disturbing anything. In addition, to increase in efficiency, high speed pumps in India also offers reduced size and cost. The non metallic wear parts come at a lower cost and with fewer wear-repair parts. The motor size of high speed pumps in India is smaller, hence, the size of the pumps is comparatively smaller.
People often believe that high speed pumps require higher maintenance. But, when properly designed, these pumps are reliable and require low maintenance.  The bearing technology of these pumps is far more developed compared to the centrifugal pumps, which makes them more reliable. When the technology was developed, people feared that the bearing will wear off because of the extreme heat caused by high speed pumping. But, the technologically advanced bearings of these pumps make sure that they won’t melt by heat.
These pumps have a risk of cavitating quickly. To avoid this risk factor, most of these pumps are attached by an inducer.
High speed pumps are convenient to use. An informed user can make the best use of these pumps, thanks to their reliability, low maintenance cost, and reduced size.


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